If you currently have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, you might […] Self-taught technologists are almost always better hires than those with a BSCS and a huge student loan Here is a list of the top 50 CS programs in the US. I switched from dentistry into CS because I didn't enjoy teeth as much as I do with technology. Computer science degrees apply to a variety of industries. Computer Science is another more broad aspect in education. 1. If you're contemplating a master's degree program in computer science… Is a computer science degree worth the paper it's printed on? Computer science degrees are valuable -- "in Bangalore," hairyfeet opined. Cracking the code to a successful and satisfying computer science career starts with identifying your strengths, defining your interests, and zeroing in on a program. Even the guys who really struggled (the ‘5 point someone’ variety) and had no other job options, easily got software jobs. It’s a huge waste. The BLS has projected that 557,100 jobs will be added to the technology field between 2016 and 2026. It’s no surprise they offer the highest pay among every other engineering field. Get the most value out of your degree by finding a master’s in computer science program that‘s tailored to your needs. Here’s why they might be right. I'm currently enrolled in a CS Masters Program, but I'm not sure if it is necessary. Learn the Industry’s Best Practices. A master’s degree in computer science takes 1-2 years to complete and can be costly. Learn More Here: https://malduino.com UK Tuition fees EXPLAINED! Which aspect of Forensics are you interested in? Computer science is one of the faster-growing industries in the country, as computers and technology continue to evolve. 12/01/15 8:00PM • Filed to: chatroom. I've decided that computer science would probably be the best course to choose. Worth getting or not? Aldon2 October 10, 2016, 5:37am #2. chatroom computer science cs programming questions. In 1995, during my final year at IIT Kanpur, TCS and Infosys gave job offers to more than 60% of my class. In today’s world, almost every company, organization, and government needs some level of computer science expertise. No. MalDuino! There’s no denying that it’s a challenging course load, but it’s definitely worth it because of the job opportunities, salary expectations, and … Six Reasons Why Studying Computer Science Is Worth It. Worth getting IMHO shows that your an autodidact and take your education seriously. Computer science is not like biology or chemistry in that it doesn’t require in-person labs, although there are many benefits of going to CS lectures in person, such as the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your instructors and work in groups with other students. A computer science PhD offers the chance to become a leading researcher in a highly important field with potential for transformational research. But I haven’t paid certificate yet. Computer science involves more of the happenings behind the hardware, like software and software development. 6. Especially consider it if you want to enter computer science academia or do high-level research in industry and expect to be among the top 30% of PhD candidates. Lab or field work? Is a Master’s Degree in Computer Science Worth It? vs Certificates. If you’ve already gotten a master’s degree in computer science, you know that it takes a lot of time and a good deal of money to do so. There are so many processes that require the skills of a computer science degree holder. Their work tends to be more individual in nature. I just need some advice on my life choices in academics. 08/08/2013 02:50 pm ET Updated Nov 07, 2013 Editor's Note: This post is part of a series produced by HuffPost's Girls In STEM Mentorship Program. 2 Likes. How to tell if a computer science degree is worth it. If you already have an undergraduate degree in a field related to computer science and are interested in pursuing a master’s degree, a variety of online master’s in computer science degrees exist. If you decide to major in Computer Science, try to go to one of these schools. Is a MS in Computer Science worth it? We have to learn everything in C++ and it's a great language but the field I'm interested in has nothing to do with C++. However, now there’s a new degree major, applied computer science. Maynagashev October 10, 2016, 6:05am #3. I am in my last year of high school here in my country and I've been thinking of something related to mathematics and physics and computers. Quite a few have the option to study Forensic Science, usually in the second year. Now that I’m nearing the end (I’ll graduate at the end of winter term), I feel like I can provide an answer. These two … Join the community as we discuss issues affecting women in science, technology, engineering and math. "The guy in Bangalore with a half a dozen degrees only gets paid around $19k; you REALLY think you can compete with that?" Besides, these days, you’d be hard-pressed to build a successful tech startup without some technical skills of your own – today’s tech startup founders have strong technical backgrounds. Assuming by “worth it” .. you mean in regards to getting a job or getting paid more. Every once in a while, people email me to ask whether Oregon State’s post-baccalaureate computer science program is worth it. In my experiences interviewing candidates, if two candidates have similar experience and qualifications, the one with a minor or breadth usually score higher. The job industry has a lot of space for individuals who are willing to make an impact in the world we are living in. Dealing with computer science tasks is not always an easy task, and students in different countries are sleepless, trying to learn these challenging science concepts. Those in the field work with application creation, database systems, programming languages and computing theory. 213. I'm a sophomore Computer Science student and I'm starting to wonder if spending 4 years in college learning technology that may not even be relevant is worth it when there are opportunities for people who haven't even been coding for a few years. As a matter of disclosure, I have no degree of any kind … in fact not even a GED. 10 reasons to ignore computer science degrees Many organizations are looking beyond the CS degree to hire programmers who can deliver real results. This post will serve as a long-form explanation of my answer, which is yes (with some caveats). In Silicon Valley, developers are regarded much more highly than MBAs. Yes, it is, and here’s why. Below are the reasons why a degree in computer science is totally worth it. Is It Worth It To Study Computer Science? Finally the only thing to blame on CS schools is that instead of promoting science (and of course some business oriented courses and not only academic) they tried to become a poor version of "academic" vocational school that provides a "certification" with which someone will find a job. From those I've spoken to in the industry, it's such a competitive field and extremely hard to get into. However, the pros of earning a master’s degree typically outweigh the cons. Depending on which University you're interested in, it may be worth looking into Biological Sciences. Why? Prospective students who searched for Is a PhD in Computer Science Worth It? If your primary goal is to up your game as a software developer, you might get more out of well-regarded software development books like "The Pragmatic Programmer," "Working Effectively with Legacy Code", or "Design Patterns." If you’re a working professional, you need a flexible program that will allow you to … If you are trying to determine whether or not earning a master’s degree in computer science is worth the investment of time, money, and energy required, it is important to understand your motivations for wanting to earn the degree in the first place. Which Schools have the Best Computer Science Programs? But the time, money, and effort can definitely be worth it. A Degree In Computer Science Makes The World A Better Place. Students must pay tuition and fees, and may not have as much time to take on income-generating work. However, computer science and software development are not the same thing. Computer science degrees are different than Software Engineering, but there are many things you can do with a computer science degree. found the following information relevant and useful. I enrolled for a course (with cert) two days ago, just because I always had a dream to have a college education in computer science. Make Sure a Master’s in Computer Science Is Worth It By Choosing the Right Program. Overall, Computer Science is a very good major for many types of students, and it’s … A bachelor’s degree will serve you well in both the computer science and IT sectors. As a result of their demand, we get asked quite often to highlight the highest paying computer science jobs for our readers. Increased career options, higher salaries, and stable job growth are very common motivations. Below, we’ve outlined five key reasons going back to school to earn your bachelor’s degree in computer science might well be worth it. I live in the States and make 6 figures. Is a computer science degree worth it for tech entrepreneurs? Comparing computer degrees. Me. Because the IT field boasts high salaries, demand for talent, and potential for advancement, earning a computer science bachelor’s degree is a smart move for any IT professional. Are coding bootcamps worth it if you already have a master’s degree? With technology changing so rapidly, it can be hard to know what’s being done in the field, what the best practices are, and what software, systems or programming languages work best in certain settings. 1 Like. In computer science, the lower levels you learned, the easier for you to understand newer technologies. Computer Science jobs are undoubtedly the most sought after positions right now. Choosing the Best Online Computer Science … Kaila Hale-Stern .
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